Get NASM Self-Study Courses in Turkey

Meet your NASM International Training Provider in Turkey / Turkiye

Athletic House Academy  has proudly partnered with the   National Academy of Sports Medicine   (NASM) as an International Training Provider and has been providing NASM Personal Training Certifications in Turkey since 2017. 

As the social impact of personal training and physical exercise has been increasing drastically over the last years, it is our mission at Athletic House Academy to transform our fitness industry by up-skilling exercise professionals. 

The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), with 35 years of experience, is a major force in personal training certification in the United States – and throughout the world. Actually, NASM International has also grown globally and certifications are provided in 50 countries and more than 100 countries have NASM trainers. 


Why you should get NASM certified


As an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, the Optimum Performance Training® Model is the most powerful tool that will set you apart in the industry. 

Utilized for over 20 years with the world’s top athletes, The Optimum Performance Training® Model is a fitness training system developed by Michael (Mike) Clark. 

This integrated training model allows the personal trainer to make programming decisions that are evidence-based and help clients reach their desired results, whatever their fitness level may be. 



NASM personal trainers can get specialised in areas of Performance Enhancement, Corrective Exercise, Youth Exercise  as well as many others. These courses allow instructors to fully use the OPT model tool in a wide range of exercise programming situations. You can gain ability to address more specific client goals and needs, deepen your knowledge, expand your skills and stand out in your industry and even advance in your career as an NASM Master Trainer.

NASM is fast in responding to the training needs of their Personal Trainers. With frequently updating certification courses and adding new specialities, the NASM certified community is always supported in a fast paced evolving profession.

Most recently added courses and qualifications speak for themselves: 
Virtual Training Certification
• Certified Nutrition Coach
• Certified Sports Nutrition Coach
• Stretching and Flexibility Coach
• Wellness Coach
• Physique and Body Building Coach

NASM is truly the gold standard in the professional fitness certifications industry – offering personal trainers career solutions that position them as pacesetters in the world of health and wellness. 


As an NASM Certified Personal Trainer your certification and specialities will be recognised in facilities all over the world. 

Many clubs and facilities enroll fitness professionals an NASM personal trainer certification. Over 10,000 gym and health clubs have partnered with NASM globally. Major gyms and facilities that recommend and/or offer NASM Certifications to their instructors in Turkey as well as other parts of the world. 

NASM has also partnered with EuropeActive to support training providers in Europe and elsewhere that are EREPS accredited, such as Athletic House Academy. Therefore, all continuing education courses provided by NASM are also accredited by EREPS Life Long Learning Programme.